I was thrilled to have the opening of my watercolor paintings of Chico yesterday at Chico Paper Company, 345 Broadway in downtown Chico, California.  It was quite an event with wine and cheese being served, and lots of friends and family stopping by to celebrate the occasion.  It’s been quite a whirlwind leading up to this event, which marks the beginning of my work being offered for sale at the gallery.  I will now have my paintings available to view anytime during gallery hours.  Since starting these paintings late last year, I concentrated on completing five watercolors by Spring 2023.  With these paintings in hand, I could go to the gallery with a body of work completed–to see if they were interested in my work.  The gallery loved the paintings I did, which made me feel so happy and encouraged.  I met with Eric Metcalf, the owner of the gallery and several of his assistants.  We decided that a limited edition of ten prints should be made of each of the five watercolors.  I was very pleased to find the services of Pixel Perfect Printing in Chico to make these high-quality prints for us.  I worked with Elizabeth Kuiper, the very talented owner and printmaker.  Once the prints were made and delivered to the gallery, both the original watercolors and some of the prints needed to be framed for exhibition and sale.  Chico Paper Company, in addition to being an art gallery happens to be an excellent art framing shop, doing everything from design to manufacturing of the frames, matting and glass.  Once the framing was complete, we could have our Introductory Artist Opening which happened yesterday, July 15, 2023.  It was a great occasion–not only enjoying family and friends, but I also got the chance to meet several of the other artists who show at the gallery.  Please come by the gallery and see these new watercolor paintings celebrating Chico treasures like Monkey Face, Bidwell Mansion, the Senator Hotel, the Chico Water Towers, and Chico Presbyterian.

Here is a link to the Gallery for more info:

http://www.chicopapercompany.com/Watercolor Painting of Monkey Face Rock, Chico, California

Watercolor Painting of Senator Theater in Chico, CaliforniaWatercolor Painting of Bidwell Mansion in Chico, California