Renderings for Revitalizing A Louisiana Healthcare Facility

Village Center

In November 2022 I was asked to create these six color renderings involving an existing state mental health facility located in Pineville, Louisiana.  The request came from a good client of mine, Rick Williams of Van Meter Williams Pollack, Architects of San Francisco, California.  These illustrations show Rick’s ideas for revitalizing and supplementing what is already there on this large site.  Many buildings would remain, others would be added to the mix, in order to create lots of on-site housing, but also, some retail and commercial buildings.  The interior circulation system would emphasize and encourage walking and bike-riding, and there would be ample opportunities to gather in small or large groups within the public spaces of the new development.  Rick’s concept is that, with these additions and renovations, a new, fresh live/work community would emerge, complete with many new housing units and a village center with the shops and services required.  Many housing options would be available, from single-family (attached and detached) to townhomes to apartments.  These illustrations are in the watercolor technique by Jeffrey Michael George, Architectural Illustration.  Starting from a Sketchup background, landscaping and entourage are added as an overlay.  Then with client approval of that, Jeffrey creates a freehand pen line drawing, combining all architectural and entourage elements and submits this for approval.  Ultimately, color is added to the line drawings with watercolor washes and the finished rendered images are sent to the client for their use.  One of the things that clients like about working with Jeffrey is that, with limited information and input from them, he can create images that capture their intentions.  In Rick Williams words:

“The Pineville renderings show just how powerful JMG’s sketches are, in capturing the essence and character of a place, when speaking to a community vision.  These sketches were able to replace thousands of words, and as the client said, “Now I’ve got it!”, “I understand what you’ve been talking about”….  I say “invaluable”! ”

Public Paths/Gathering

Single Family Homes with Walk/Bike Paths

Townhomes with Neighborhood Park

Administration Center

Renderings for Revitalizing A Louisiana Healthcare Facility

Commercial-New and Old

Jeffrey creates many architectural illustrations for projects all across the country, including Louisiana, Florida, and California.