Color Renderings of Urban Infill Projects As an architectural illustrator, I work on many different types of projects….some are residential, some small, some all-encompassing….there’s a tremendous variation in the subject matter I am asked to draw….Recently I created these two illustrations shown here as finished pieces…These renderings were part of an effort to show what could be done to revitalize two existing retail centers located in Fort Myers, Florida….Both sites were situated along major traffic corridors so as time has passed, more people, more cars, more transit–this has created greater demand for retail and commercial on these corridors….I was commissioned by Johnson Engineering of Fort Myers, Florida to help imagine what these sites could look like with new structures added, something called “urban infill”….I worked with Laura DeJohn and Christine Fisher of Johnson Engineering in developing the ideas….Starting in Google Earth, they built a simple “block massing” of the proposed structures–then they handed that off to me….Working in SketchUp, I gave the building blocks more form and relief, as architects do, trying for a “Coastal Contemporary” style of architecture….Then I proposed a couple of perspective angles with which to view the new buildings in context, and shared those with Johnson Engineering….Once we agreed on the best view angles, I developed more detail by hand in the buildings, the roof shapes, the cars and people and landscaping….I traced the layouts with pen, then added color using pastel and color pencils, trying to capture the character of the beautiful Florida skies after a light tropical rain….With these renderings, if I have done my work successfully, when someone looks at them, their eye will immediately go to the subject–the new buildings–hopefully with a feeling of revitalization and excitement, lots of people grabbing their coffee, talking on their way to work, maybe running for the bus….real life stuff….These illustrations were created by Jeffrey Michael George in the color pencil technique….Jeffrey Michael George works with many California architects (and some in Florida) as a freelance illustrator, creating architectural renderings in color pencil and watercolor which bring their design ideas to life !Color Renderings of Urban Infill Projects