The color rendering below is in color pencil and pastel by Jeffrey Michael George, architectural illustrator.  It is one of a series of seven very small color sketches done by Jeffrey to describe the project.  This 3D visualization in perspective was commissioned by the South Bay architectural firm of Steinberg Architects of San Jose, a longstanding client of Jeffrey’s illustration business, and winner of this architectural design competition.  The drawing shows Steinberg’s proposed design for a new parking garage to be located at the Ohlone College campus in San Jose, California, in the South Bay, about 50 miles south of San Francisco.  This perspective view shows the Ohlone Circle as it is known, as a motif cast in concrete as part of the garage structure, framing the view to the South Bay in the distance.  Jeffrey does many illustrations for a number of architectural clients in the South Bay, San Francisco, Bay Area Peninsula, and Sacramento areas of northern California.

Winning Competition Rendering for San Jose/San Francisco Bay Area College Building