Color Renderings of New Housing Community for Palmdale, CaliforniaEarlier this year, I had the opportunity to work with a very good client on their project planned for the community of Palmdale, California.  The client is Van Meter Williams Pollack, an architectural and urban planning firm located in San Francisco.  I worked with John Doyle at VMWP, a very talented architect, in developing these three perspective views.  Each of the views had a specific purpose–one to show the generous park space proposed, one to show how the project looks from across the street, and a third view to capture the character and scale of the cluster homes portion of the master plan.  John has a good hand at drawing also, so I feel fortunate to be asked to create these illustrations.  Luckily for me, my clients are usually so busy designing and creating architecture, they often don’t have the time to do their own renderings.  It’s a relationship that has been developed over many years–and I know there is a level of comfort when we work together, even on a tight schedule.  I can count on them to deliver the information I need, and they can count on receiving the finished illustrations in time to incorporate into their presentation.  Although these illustrations are watercolors, I also work in a color pencil technique, depending on which “look” is best for each project.  Watercolor is good for capturing mood and can be more evocative….color pencil can be best for representing materials, textures, and colors perhaps more accurately.  When I get a chance to review a project at the outset, the project itself usually suggests one technique or the other.  So, please enjoy looking at these renderings of this recent housing community proposal for Palmdale….These illustrations are hand-drawn and colored in the watercolor technique by Jeffrey Michael George, Architectural Illustration.  Jeffrey creates many architectural illustrations for projects located in California and across the U.S., including the San Francisco area, San Mateo, Palo Alto, Menlo Park, WColor Renderings of New Housing Community for Palmdale, Californiaoodside, Portola Valley,  Atherton, & Los Altos Hills.Color Renderings of New Housing Community for Palmdale, California