Here are two color perspective renderings I did earlier this year for Siteline Architecture of Nevada City, California….I have done a few illustrations for Siteline over the years, and it was good to work with them again on this project….The subject of these renderings is an existing shopping center in Grass Valley which will be revised and updated per the designs of Siteline….who in turn is commissioned by the property manager of the shopping center, Mesa Management of Newport Beach, California….So as a freelance consultant, I primarily worked with Cort Ensign of Mesa Management, and Christopher Gage of Siteline Architecture….As is fairly common, these illustrations were done over a long weekend, basically….Due to a highly-anticipated meeting on Tuesday of the following week, I was given the go-ahead on the previous Friday morning….I start by adding landscaping, trees, cars and people of my own design, then tracing all with a freehand line work in felt pen….Then I print these two black and white drawings on heavy stock, and apply color pencil and chalk pastel, building up the values and color saturation until they are finished….I scan the renderings on an 11 x 17 color scanner, and save the scan files at a high resolution….I send these scans via email–and Voila !  I generally keep the originals, since the client usually does not need them…..The scan files can then be included in the client’s digital presentation, or printed as a handout for their meeting….What we are showing in these illustrations are the modifications to the existing storefronts, and the trees and landscaping proposed by the landscape architect, Karin Kaufman of Nevada City, California….Color Rendering of Shopping Center Renovations in Grass Valley, CaliforniaColor Rendering of Shopping Center Renovations in Grass Valley, CaliforniaThe mood of the architecture is kind of “Gold Country Industrial”….and that’s my description, but I think it projects a definite modern industrial feel, while achieving the objectives of greater height and curb presence as seen from the street, and the approach on foot….Jeffrey Michael George works with many architects in California and worldwide to bring their designs to life in form of architectural renderings….clicking on any of these images will take you to Jeffrey’s website, where you will see many more examples of his work….