Last month I created these three watercolor illustrations for a project located on the island of Kauai, Hawaii….The site is the existing Mahelona Medical Center near Wailua, Kauai on the east coast of the island….On some of the vacant land available at the facility, the medical center is considering building more housing and commercial space for the community….My client was the architect:  Van Meter Williams Pollack of San Francisco, California….Rick Williams was the designer, and Rick proposed three ways of developing the site….Architectural Illustrations of Project in HawaiiThe first scheme was the “Main Street” concept (shown first here) which would create a new 2-story Town Center with commercial retail businesses on the ground floor, and private offices on the second floor….Pushed out toward the street, the building would be conspicuous and convenient with parking, bike access, and bus transit part of the scheme….The second image shown here represents the “Village Green” concept, which pushes the buildings back from the street, playing a supporting role to the generous open green space for maximum public use and involvement….an active space for active local Hawaiians enjoying the outdoors….Lots of lawn, walkways, arbors, benches with room for walkers, cyclists, dogs, and bus riders….Architectural Illustrations of Project in HawaiiThe last scheme was entitled “The Bluff”, and the concept was to feature the magnificent vista from this spot (see Image #3 below)….With long-term care in the immediate foreground, one can look at the ocean through a public park which leads down towards the ocean….Again, activity and greenery, with walking paths leading to an amphitheater in the distance….As the artist and creator of these watercolor illustrations, I used fresh, clean tropical colors–with the building colors chosen by the architect to blend with the landscape….As suggested by the architect, the architectural design style was “traditional Hawaiian”–simple, conventional geometry with green metal hip roofs, with some cupola elements as seen historically on the Islands….I hope you enjoyed these illustrations–and you can always see many more examples of my work by searching Jeffrey Michael George, Architectural Illustration, or visiting my website at https://www.finearchitecturalillustration.comArchitectural Illustrations of Project in Hawaii