Of the subjects that I love to draw, small houses and cottages are right up there at the top….They can be charming–architecturally and in all other ways….Small, unpretentious, but with personality and style would describe most….Color Rendering of Small House or CottageThese illustrations shown here were all commissioned by good clients of mine, mostly architects, but also by owners and developers….The design of the homes is almost always provided to me in for form of plans and elevations….I take that information and translate it into a 3D perspective view like you see here….The colors and materials are usually given to me as well, but occasionally I am given artistic license with those decisions….Paint and color can be a critical factor in the overall success of each image….and usually these images are marketing tools, so this makes color even more important….I believe these cottage designs benefit from a strong color scheme–bright colors, contrasting trim colors, landscaping to soften, materials that are comforting and accessible, details that provide interest without being elaborate….Craftsman Style is a popular choice among most people….it seems to capture a good architectural vibe, and has a familiar feel for most West Coast homeowners….My understanding is that the Craftsman aesthetic has its origins in the early 20th Century with the design work of Bernard Maybeck of the Berkeley, California area, and to a certain extent, the early work of Frank Lloyd Wright in the Midwest….One hundred years later, its popularity remains strong….I think part of its appeal is that it is straightforward and simple, but retains an element of style–modest, but with a little something special about it….Front porches are an important element, because they invite entry, and promote social interaction….Roof slopes are not steep, but nearly flat, since they are not in a snowy area–enough slope to shed the rain is sufficient….The great majority of the renderings shown here were commissioned by Carol Young of Auburn, California for her project Rincon del Rio….Since I enjoy drawing these homes and cottages so much, you should consider commissioning me to draw some of your designs….Color Rendering of Small House or CottageColor Rendering of Small House or CottageColor Rendering of Small House or Cottage