Aaaah–San Francisco….Home Sweet Home !  Such a wonderful place with such natural beauty !  Today I’m going to feature many of the illustrations I have done in recent years of architectural projects in and around San Francisco, California….Color Perspective Renderings for San Francisco Architectural ProjectsIn fact all of these renderings were commissioned by one architectural firm located in San Francisco, Van Meter Williams Pollack LLP….Usually working directly with Rick Williams, one the principals of the firm, I have actually worked with Tim Van Meter and Fred Pollack, the other two principals….Van Meter runs the VMWP office in Denver, Colorado, which I visited in 2014….Their architectural work is mostly of an urban nature, from single-story to multi-story residential, located either in the urban centers, or occasionally outside in more suburban locations…..VMWP partners with affordable housing organizations to create residential projects that provide much-needed housing for low-income families and seniors with home insecurity….Sometimes the purpose of these drawings is to communicate the design to the client, and other times their purpose is to show the governing authority (City, County, etc.) the aspects of the design that may not be adequately expressed by the plans and elevations that the architect provides….One of the great attributes of perspective renderings is that they engage the viewer on a much more basic level….This is primarily because perspective views are a lot like the actual experience someone has when looking at architecture….most often you see a building from the sidewalk, or from across the street, or while driving your car or bicycle….Although plans and elevations are great tools for the architect to generate, they are not very useful or inspiring for the client or the public….The next time you are presenting a project, you should think about arriving with some colorful perspective illustrations that will bring out the “ooohs and aaahs” from the crowd….and get them excited about all the hard work you’ve put into your design !Architectural Renderings for San Francisco ProjectsArchitectural Renderings for San Francisco ProjectsColor Perspective Renderings for San Francisco Architectural ProjectsColor Perspective Renderings for San Francisco Architectural Projects