Within the last year or two I have had the opportunity to work on several architectural projects located in the Central Valley of California.  I am featuring these renderings in this episode of my blog.  They involve the California communities of Visalia, Bakersfield, and Sanger (Fresno area).  The first rendering shown here is an exterior view of a new commercial building located in the Sanger downtown area on a major street.  Architectural Rendering of Central Valley Project in CaliforniaI was commissioned by the architect, Frank Areyano.  Frank’s concept was to create a modern facility that would fit in with the older, traditional streetscape of Sanger–such as the existing building shown on the right in the rendering.  The second project shown here is a homeless community proposed for Visalia, California.  Envisioned by an organization called Salt & Light, this housing facility was designed with the help of Self-Help Enterprises of Visalia, California.  As shown here, I created two perspective views of the design–one indicating the Central Park area, a common area within the facility for open space and recreation, and another view of the Memorial Garden within the facility, which would honor those in the community who had passed away.  The project would be made up of manufactured residential structures that could be transported to the site more or less intact, and permanently installed along interior roads within the complex.  The third project for which I did illustrations was also addressing the homeless population.  Located in an industrial part of Bakersfield, the site would provide temporary housing and support services for people in the area experiencing homelessness.  I was commissioned by Bruce E. Keith, Architect of Bakersfield, California who was working with members of an organization involved with helping to solve the homeless situation in the Bakersfield area.  As mentioned in the beginning of this article, I, Jeffrey Michael George, Architectural Illustrator, have welcomed the opportunity to be involved in these projects for the benefit of the Central Valley communities of California.