Watercolor Sketch of Future Architectural TowersHere is a sketch I did this afternoon just for fun….kind of an architectural fantasy of sorts….mostly done subconsciously….I forced myself to draw and paint without any preconceptions on this one….basically just start drawing and see what becomes of it….it’s small–at 5″ x 8″ on a watercolor tablet….two hours start to finish….keep moving–don’t think–just paint….force yourself to start without a plan, then make all decisions on the fly–implementing them immediately, without evaluation or second-guessing….colors, shapes, composition–all instantaneous decisions….keep a dry paper towel handy modify the live work in front of you….graphite sketch first with some texture, some darker tones to get the composition somewhat set (most of this is painted over although some shows through in the end)….Limited palette, using just orange, violet, pthallo green, manganese, and black….Architecturally, these are towers linked together–sort of “It Takes A Village” in architectural terms…..Structurally, the difficulty of building tall buildings is keeping them strong and upright and stable….but if they have help from others through buttressing and triangulation, they can get much stronger–so the towers work together to create a structural network–a network that could also provide a means of circulation–going from one tower to the next….Another thought expressed here in this painting–and I believe it to be futuristic–that future existence and urbanization will be more concentrated and focused, with less urban sprawl….Think of it as a smaller footprint on the earth….We leave much more of the land untouched by going vertical with towers springing from a very small footprint….and we need to travel or commute less, because everything is right where we live….Idealistic ?  Yes !  Unrealistic ?  I don’t know–it could happen….It’s more of a rough concept–like a goal to strive for, maybe….I can’t help but think it would be better than the mindless sprawl we have now, which only seems to stop if we run out of physical space to ruin….Like all great things, it will take people working together toward a common goal….