Here are a couple of watercolor illustrations I did very recently for a place called Lakewold Gardens near Tacoma, Washington.  I worked with the Architect Gerald Eysaman in developing the views shown here.  He was the interface between me and the Friends of Lakewold, which had commissioned the drawings.  With a lot of inside “sprucing up” and many other technical issues to address with this renovation, Gerald took the reins in figuring out the architectural design and also building a rough Sketchup model to work from on the perspectives.  It’s a historical carriage house on a gorgeous property called Lakewold Gardens which contains much bucolic scenery with many native trees and plants in coastal Washington.  `Interior Watercolor Illustrations of Lakewold Gardens RenovationsThe first view shows  the downstairs converted garage space with sliding doors to the outside.  Added ceiling lighting and ceiling fans and wall sconces make the space more functional as a flex space, able to stage flower arranging classes or gardening talks, or the like.  I suggested showing an evening flower arranging class on a crisp autumn eve–warm inside, but open to the great natural beauty outside the carriage doors.  Work tables and chairs, a flower sink, art gallery wall on left, and restored cubbies on the back wall for display items and storing of supplies, garden tools, personal effects, etc…..People having a good time exploring their creativity and creating, talking….The second view we show is a much smaller, intimate space on the second floor that would be suitable for small groups gathering to hear from an author, or listen to an entomologist present, or maybe a poetry reading….The space is modest, but could be quite charming with natural cedar siding perhaps–an older wood floor sanded and finished…..A few exposed wood beams, ceiling fam, some new lighting, and again cubbies for books and personal effects storage….A large picture window is centered on the back wall with an LED screen to support presentations if desired….We wanted to show a diverse group of attendees involved in an intimate setting–in this case, maybe a butterfly specialist and discussion….I hope you enjoyed these renderings–they are fun to create and I enjoy the work immensely !`Interior Watercolor Illustrations of Lakewold Gardens Renovations