Watercolor of Brewery Scene by Jeffrey Michael GeorgeFascinated by the machinery and visual imagery of a working brewery, I created this watercolor sketch….Keeping the color palette subtle and somewhat somber, I tried to capture a simple impression of the worker experience returning to the warehouse from break time….It’s part homage to the cold hard brewery itself and part homage to the hard-working folks that keep the machines and products rolling….They both work hard together toward a common goal–efficiency and production of their products….As for the elements in the painting, the large massing of a brewery consists of huge prismatic forms like cylinders, funnels, tubes, pipes, and rectangular buildings for the most part….Heavily determined by their function, the elements are largely unadorned and utilitarian….This painting is a rendering of sorts–instead of depicting a new building underway, this rendering shows an existing building and environment–not literally, but figuratively….And since I generally illustrate buildings yet to be constructed (with architects as my clients) it’s refreshing to draw and paint something different–more whimsical and imaginary, less defined and exact….As a watercolorist, I’m learning….lately trying to keep the shapes and strokes fresh, simple, and unencumbered….you have to fight yourself sometimes with that….sometimes deciding not to do more–to let it be….let it dry, and see what transpired with the medium….it can be a fascinating experience….and it gets more rewarding when you have done enough watercolor to predict the general outcome when you “let it go”….and, of course, you never really know, but there’s an excitement in that as well….I think watercolor as a medium is unique in that it’s almost like you are partners with the paint….You both contribute to the painting–the painter is leading the dance, but the paint itself is a silent partner that follows–one that adds tis own influence and nuance to the final artwork….