Last month I created two illustrations for a project that addressed the needs of people experiencing homelessness.  The works were commissioned by an organization called Salt & Light located in Tulare County which is a beneficent group which aims to aid those in need in the area.  The project itself was envisioned for a multi-acre site in Visalia, California, not too far from Highway 99 which runs through the Central Valley of the state.  With a secure entrance and access roads circulating within, the living units are manufactured houses which are not mobile–but permanently situated on lots on the property.  In order to generate the perspective views of the project from various points within, I built a quick Sketchup model, and identified several viewpoints that I thought were promising candidates to show what the project had to offer.  I sketched five loose drawings in black and white to share with Adrianna Hillman at Salt & Light and also with my other main contact, Jose Flores of Self-Help Enterprises.  I have included those sketches here.  They chose two of the five candidates to actually draw as full color renderings.  One of these views featured the large open area, or central park, that sits in the middle of the project, which would be accessible to the residents and their guests.  The second view chosen shows the memorial garden which would commemorate the lives of those who were no longer with us.  Much of the detail shown in these renderings was left up to me.  I always try to visualize or channel the client’s intentions when I have an assignment like this one.  The illustrations are done with a technique using color pencil over felt pen line work and are 11 x 17 inches.  Within the last two years, I have done quite a few projects in the Central Valley communities of Fresno, Bakersfield, and Sanger, and Visalia.Self Help Project Rendering in VisaliaSelf Help Project Rendering in VisaliaSelf Help Project Rendering in Visalia Self Help Project Rendering in Visalia