Watercolor Renderings of Large San Jose Mixed Use ProjectThese two architectural renderings are the last two of a series of eight illustrations for this project.  It’s a large mixed use project envisioned for the City of San Jose (Cambrian area).  Cambrian Park Village designed by Ken Rodrigues + Partners of Mountain View, California and KTGY Architects of California,  is located at a major intersection of Camden Avenue and Union Avenue, which is currently the site of an older shopping center.  The overall project includes a six-story apartment building, a five-story Hotel, a five-story Assisted Living Facility, two-story condominiums, and some single-family houses.  Although I have done many renderings for all of these elements, today I am featuring the single family homes.  Mostly two-story with some three-story residences, these homes comprise a residential neighborhood of tree-lined streets.  There’s a neighborhood park and a tot lot, walkable sidewalks, and some traffic-calming features within the design.  The idea is that you could walk to work within this overall development since there are so many varied types of buildings and functions within the same neighborhood–each located next to one another.  For example in one of these views we see the edge of the park as it gives way to the houses.  But that same park, if you take a different path or direction would lead to the apartment building, hotel, or assisted living facility.  So, possibly there is no need for a commute to work.  Or maybe the park is a lunchtime retreat for parents bringing up children and health care workers alike.  This is the kind of social interactivity that urban designers have strived to achieve for years with their designs.  And these designers rely on renderings such as these to express their ideas and communicate the concepts to the public.  An architect can show plans and elevations while presenting in a public forum, but the audience lights up when they see hand-drawn renderings that capture the spirit of the design.Watercolor Renderings of Large San Jose Mixed Use Project