Quick Color Architectural RenderingUsually I am asked to provide detailed, refined architectural renderings for my clients.  But occasionally I am asked to provide mere sketches as the finished product.  I’m going to include some examples of these quicker, looser illustrations today in this blog.  When a client calls me and has a project in mind, but no design drawings, I often go this route.  The process is kind of like “storyboarding” in the movies.  Based on a verbal description, or maybe a photograph or two provided by the client, I start sketching what comes to mind that will help put into pictures what the client has in their mind.  It’s fun for me as an artist, and clients really love these sketches.  I often describe it as “making something from nothing”.  It’s a lot like the “napkin sketch” that one makes in a bar while meeting with someone, and enjoying a beer, and realizing that a quick doodle on the napkin is going to be better than mere words.  But of course, my sketches are based on what my client envisions–and what they convey to me in a conversation.  And we don’t have to be sitting in a bar, although that sounds kind of good actually.  More likely we talk by phone or trade emails, but basically I take their verbal descriptions and create quick sketches in felt pen, occasionally throwing a little color over them to make them a little prettier.  Could one do this kind of thing on the computer ?  Probably….but I’m still more comfortable with a felt pen and a piece of paper (or a napkin) than I am with a keyboard or a mouse (even though I am using my computer to create this blog episode.  I say “an artist is an artist” whether they use the computer or a set of brushes.  So, enjoy these few samples I have here, and give me a call if you need something for which “a picture is worth a thousand words”.  You can have a beer and tell me about it, and I’ll start sketching in my napkin….Color Perspective Sketch for Sierra Foothills SchoolQuick Color Architectural Rendering