Hand Drawn Color Rendering of Park within Planned Senior Housing for Santa RosaNamed for the site of a mobile home park which burned in the 2017 fire in Santa Rosa, this project would provide much-needed housing for the area.  Comprised of 370 market-rate apartment units and an additional 162 apartment units for low-income seniors, some displaced by the Tubbs fire, this project encompasses 13.3 acres along Mendocino Avenue.  My job was to create the artwork shown here to present the project to the public and the city of Santa Rosa, California.  The architect is Van Meter Williams Pollack (VMWP) of San Francisco, California and has been a good client of mine for 30 years.  I work as a freelance illustrator when needed for VMWP and many other architects most of whom are located in California.  Having a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Architecture helps me greatly in my work.  The ability to read architectural plans and elevations, the ability to do CAD work in 3D programs, and the artistic ability to create color images of unbuilt designs are all parts of my stock in trade.  In addition to those skills, one needs to work well with others and be a good team player with other members of the design and presentation team.  I feel lucky to be able to do this work for a living–and to have done it for so many years.  After being an architectural draftsman, an architectural model builder, and then a drawing assistant to an architectural illustrator–all in the space of 3 years, I began my career as an architectural illustrator on my own in 1983.  Much has changed over these years regarding how the work gets done, but much of it remains the same.  Whether you are working with a brush or pencil in your hand–or with a mouse and keyboard, you still need an artist’s eye and the ability to work successfully with people to succeed.  I hope you enjoy these images I created for the future benefit of Santa Rosa !Color Rendering of Senior Housing for Santa Rosa