Part of a very large project planned for a prominent San Jose, California location, these two watercolor renderings I completed last week show two-and three-story single family homes.  I find the proposed project exciting because it’s much like a city within itself.   Comprised of a 5-story Hotel, 6-story Apartments, two-story attached townhouses, a 5-story assisted living facility, restaurants, retail shops, and these single family homes, a resident would not need to travel anywhere for their day-to-day life.  As you can see in this first view, the neighborhood will be walkable and family oriented.Architectural Rendering in Watercolor of New Single Family Homes  for San Jose Project Traffic calming features in the design of the streets provide safety with slower traffic, and street trees help create a softer atmosphere for the houses.  As for the architecture of the homes themselves, there is a wide variety of traditional styles.  A few of the 3-story homes have stoop entries with cascading steps that bring you up to the front door and living level.  Designed by KTGY Architecture and Planning in Santa Clara, California, the homes vary in color schemes also, creating a rich, varied palette for the eye as experienced by the pedestrian at street level.  It’s important to note that my client for the overall project is Ken Rodrigues of Kenneth Rodrigues + Partners in Mountain View, California.  Ken and his firm provided the architectural design of all the other large-scale elements of the project that I mentioned earlier, and Ken and his design team were the main point of contact for me in creating the illustrations.  In the second view, one can see a few of the other amenities including a kids play park, and an expansive recreational open space on the right, of which one just sees a glimpse in this view.  Behind the homes on the right is the assisted living facility, with a tree-lined promenade between the homes and the facility.Architectural Rendering in Watercolor of New Single Family Homes  for San Jose Project