This new painting is one I finished last week.  I will use this image for my Happy New Year’s cards which I will send out soon to bring in the New Year 2021 !  The view is based on our road trip to Lake of the Springs in Oregon House, California back in mid-November.  We found ourselves pulling into a very rural campsite just after dark one night, and awoke in the morning with the idea of finding our way to the “Dog Beach” we saw on the map of the area.  With some difficulty, we found the beach–or at least the dogs found it by pulling us there just after dawn.  Once within the fenced area, we could let the dogs run free, while we took in the beauty of the lake at first light–the mist still hovering on the water.  It was quite stunning !  And the return trip up the hill was made more enjoyable by the dogs supplying most of the effort to get up the hill–If you’ve ever been pulled up a hill by a dog, you know one of the simple pleasures in life !  Watercolor Painting of Lake of the Springs with Morning MistThe painting was fun to do for several reasons.  A bit unusual for me–there isn’t a speck of architecture in it.  The goals were to capture the early morning mist on the water, and also to capture our dogs playing on the beach–both were challenging for me since I don’t have any experience with this type of rendering.  So the effect of the mist doesn’t get completely lost, I made sure the “misty areas” on the water were the only true white areas in the image.  And the dogs in motion and playing with each other took some effort.  Gigi and Charlie play a lot in this way, but I wasn’t working from a photograph, just personal observation–so I needed to channel my memory of their playing.  Anyway, it was a fun challenge to paint and a great memory to keep!