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Quick Felt Pen Sketches:
A necessary part of any level of service I provide in rendering, these may also be a "finished product". Especially useful when a project is early in its development, they are evocative and often suggest much with very little.

Black & White Line Drawings:
Formal presentation drawings carried out in pen and ink linework (uncolored). These are appropriate for schematic or more final designs, when the rendering is to be realistic and believable, but the issue of color and materials is best left unresolved.

Color Sketches:
Small color pencil sketches, 11" x 17" or smaller. These are "looser" and more suggestive than a large rendering.

Full Color Renderings:
With either a pen linework, or pencil base, these fully-rendered images yield the most sophisticated final product. They range in size from 12" to 30".