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|Miscellaneous Views|

Special Renderings

This section is my “Special Collection” of illustrations that I have done over the years.  For the most part, the renderings in this section do not fit easily into the other three categories and need their own special category. Some are classic illustrations that may have been done years ago, but still deserve a place where they can be seen. Some are “skyscraper” renderings, either commissioned or not, while others were conceived as “book illustrations”, having a more whimsical and innocent style—something suitable for a children’s book or architectural fantasy in print.  Still others employ more experimental drawing or painting techniques, thus rounding out this online gallery of all of my illustration artwork. Please enjoy your visit to this section of “Special Renderings”, and let me know if some of the artwork displayed here more closely represents the style of rendering you would like to have me do for your next project.

Please click HERE to view some examples of my Special Renderings.