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|Exterior Views|

Exterior Renderings

Exterior perspective renderings are the most common type of illustration requested of an architectural Illustrator. More than any other type of drawing, an exterior perspective rendering gives a “real-life impression” of what it will be like to see the building once it is built. Usually taken from the ground level, these drawings often include the streetscape elements that give buildings life, such as lampposts, street trees, benches, special paving, cars, and they also show the people that will inhabit the building and the surrounding area. The architect’s client identifies strongly with these human elements, and enjoys seeing them as part of the design, so it is important that they are shown well, correctly and to scale. When handled well by the architectural illustrator, these elements enhance the building and complement the design, giving the building a comfortable spot to settle into its surroundings in perspective context.


Please click HERE to view some examples of my Exterior Renderings.