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|Arial Views|

Aerial Renderings

Aerial perspective renderings, also called “bird’s eye views” can be a great choice for showing an entire project from one vantage point—from the air. From this viewpoint, one can see all of the various parts of a project that make up a large, complex design.  They often include the existing context, which may surround a project, making them very useful as presentation tools to clearly describe the height and scale relationships that a proposed project will have with its neighbors.  Although aerial perspective renderings cannot show the level of detail that ground-level perspectives can, they are often used in combination with ground-level views so that together the entire project gets a complete description. The aerial shows the “big picture”, and the ground-level renderings show the architectural detail and human scale, together giving the viewer the “complete picture”.

Please click HERE to view some examples of my Aerial Renderings.