Aerial Rendering of School Housing Project for VMWP Architects of San Francisco

Aerial perspective renderings, also called “bird’s eye views” can be a great choice for showing an entire project from one vantage point—from the air. From this viewpoint, one can see all the various parts of a project that make up a large, complex design. Even if the subject of the drawing is a small residence, the aerial viewpoint has a way of bringing the plan of the house to life, along with site, landscape and context.   Aerial views often include the existing context, which may surround a project, making them very useful as presentation tools to clearly describe the height and scale relationships that a proposed project will have with its neighbors.  This is true of course with urban projects, but equally valid with more rural projects, where a design involving higher density might be juxtaposed with a very rural setting—making the case that much open space is being preserved in the surrounding area, despite the higher density of the subject project.  Because there is more to draw with an aerial view, rendering fees are generally higher.  More time and effort is required on the part of the illustrator to show the surrounding context accurately—elements that simply would not be visible from a ground-level perspective.  Although aerial perspective renderings cannot show the level of detail that ground-level perspectives can, they are often used in combination with ground-level views so that together the entire project gets a complete description. The aerial shows the “big picture”, and the ground-level renderings show the architectural detail and human scale, together giving the viewer the complete picture.  Ideally, both aerial and pedestrian-level views are commissioned for a project, providing a very thorough description of what is being proposed.  Aerial views have a magnetic quality for their audience which commands attention, engaging the viewer who probably knows the context intimately. 

Using warmer, more intense colors in the center….
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